Bachelor Shame

Every time I see a commercial for "The Bachelor", I think to myself... "I am not going to watch it this season". Well, that was some 30+ seasons ago. I watch it every damn time and have even added Bachelor In Paradise to my arsenal. I once had my team at work, do the bachelor fantasy league, where you pick your favorites and see how far they get. What is wrong with me? I absolutely hate what it symbolizes for women yet I can't look away.

I am all about woman power and would like to think of myself as a situational feminist (like how I put situational in there? This is so I can hate mowing the lawn or shoveling snow and say it is a man's job). So in all theory I should absolutely despise what this show stands for. A bunch of women being catty bitches to each other and doing absurd things to get some guys attention that the world has deemed eligible. This show exploits women to the fullest extent and even men when the tables flip and it is The Bachelorette (watched all those too). So why do I love it?

I think for me there are a couple of reasons... First, I love, love. No matter the shit I have been through in my life with marriage, relationships, etc. I still believe in some distorted fairy tale love. That despite all the odds and competition, two people are just meant to be.

Second (and the biggest reason), like I said earlier I am a situational feminist, so I think if women want to sign up for hot tubs, bikinis, booze, cameras and cat fighting then so be it and I should be able to sit back with some popcorn. We have gotten way too sensitive in this day and age. Signing up to compete with 30 other women for a man's heart does not even compare to sexual assault, rape, the glass ceiling,etc. We want equal rights and at the same time the fail safe that there is always a hidden reason as to why we make our mistakes. I want to get paid as much as a man but if I decide to go on TV and exploit myself knowing fully what that entails... blame it on the anti-feminists who took advantage of me. No way. You signed up for it. Participated in it. This is on you girl!Personal accountability.

Lastly, it is relatable. Not the travelling to different countries on a private plane relatable but the miscommunication in relationships, questioning your feelings, the insecurities type relatable. It is nice to know that you aren't super crazy and that there are others out there like you, or crazier. Some may call this boosting yourself up by watching others get tore down...splitting hairs here folks! :)

I know that some say reality TV is ruining our nation and giving people a false sense of reality but I tend to disagree... I think that is all in how you were reared and you as a person. I don't watch The Notebook and expect my partner to write me love letters every day, purchase a house to refurbish for me while I am married to someone else while taking me for canoe rides down the steam at dusk. That isn't real life. What is real life, is I am going to own watching my guilty pleasure TV like THE BACHELOR and stop trying to pretend I shouldn't. Cheers to season 23 and someone deflowering Colton! May the odds be ever in your favor ladies!