I (heart) NYC

Updated: Dec 29, 2018

If you know me, you know that it is only fitting that NYC be my first travel post. I fell in love with this city the second I touched down at JFK for the first time 15 years ago. If you don't know me, well then live vicariously through this post to fall in love with the Big Apple. I love the energy that this city puts off the moment you get into the cab, fear for your life on the drive into Manhattan and the instant that you come into eye sight of the Empire State Building and surrounding high rises. The plethora of food options is unlike anywhere else in the world (some of my favs featured below) not to mention Broadway, Sporting Events, Ground Zero, Statue of Liberty, Museums upon Museums and the multitude of historical and cultural sites to visit are EXTRAORDINARY. The people are sassy and I appreciate that. They walk with purpose and sometimes so much purpose you may get a few critiques on your walking along the way. :) I have taken groups of 72 people (yes I can be your tour guide for a small fee :)) 10 people and I have gone by myself… all with an entirely different experience each time. Jay-Z couldn't have said it better… NYC is a concrete jungle where dreams are made of!

This past summer my son graduated high school. My mother and I told him we would take him anywhere in the world for his Senior Trip and being the magnificent child that I reared, he chose NYC! My kids have been to NYC but this time he wanted the trip to be all about baseball. He is a Red Sox fan and I am a Yankees fan so we chose the week to go based on when they played each other. We spent a week back east travelling from NYC to Boston and back to NYC to hit games at three different stadiums. This trip we learned why folks pay a pretty penny to take the Acela train to neighboring cities. It took us hours to move one mile on a Friday in NYC. At one point I called the rental car company and asked if I ditched the car on the side of the road and walked how much that would cost me. We also learned that old school hand fans and bandannas are a must to keep cool and remove sweat in the July heat & humidity. Most of all we learned that no matter how many times we have been to NYC (19 to be exact), we fall in love with it over and over again.

9/11 Museum & Memorial is a must see. My favorite part of NYC.

If you are on a budget the best way to see the Statue of Liberty is from the Staten Island Ferry. It is free. A beautiful quick ride over and back and what a way to see the financial district in it’s entirety.

Boston, MA

Top of the Rock

Best view of the city… far better than Empire!

Times Square- make sure to always ask how much prior to the ride! 😊

Yankees Stadium

One of my Favs!!! Max Brenner’s… everything is chocolate!

The Crew

I have seen a lot of Broadway shows and Kinky Boots made the Top Ten.

Skyline- must see. Park above ground, stretched over multiple blocks and the Chelsea Market is below it at the end. Two birds one stone. (Free)

Brooklyn Bridge (walk all the way across and back)

Packing List Musts (For June/July/August)

  • Small cinch back pack. I got an Under Armor one on Amazon for $9. It closes tight and is on you... so much safer than a purse.

  • Good walking shoes that have been worn in.

  • Umbrella (no matter how hot or cold it seems to rain at least one day)

  • Bandana (this is for the heat and humidity) we wore them around our necks and used them to wipe our faces off with.

  • Hats- if you have hair like mine that does not like humidity stop fighting it and throw a hat on.

  • Cell Phone Portable Charger

  • Uber/Lyft apps on your phone

  • Leave your jewelry at home.

My Favorite NYC Food Spots

Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer (Their desserts are insane) Check them out on Instagram @blacktapnyc

Max Brennan (see above)

Shake Shack

Luke's Lobster (Lobster roll above)

Grimaldi's Pizza

Bagel & Schmear

Anywhere on Mulberry (Little Italy)Tell me what you are wanting and I will give you a suggestion :)