Ideas For Your Valentine

I love February and Valentine's! I don't care how cheesy it is... this falls right in line with my Bachelor obsession I suppose. I asked for ideas and recommendations and ya'll delivered. I promised I would post what was offered up, so here it is and thank you to those who gave these great ideas.

Couples Massage

Not only is this a treat for him but you too! I didn't do this one this year but I have done it in the past and it never disappoints. We have a great spa close to us called Beyond Spa which has 80 minute massages for $66.

Car Wash & Gent Scents

Most guys like to keep their whip clean. I did a three month unlimited pass ($19 a month) and then a friend of mine gave the idea of Gent Scents, which is a monthly subscription that sends them a car freshener every month, different manly scent each time.

Ballsy Box

This one is hilarious and again, a treat for you too. They sell all things balls, butt and body for men. Packages called "The Ball Pack" or "Nuts about you". They also offer a monthly subscriptions. Nothing I say does this justice, just go take a look! :)

Video Collage

Make them a cute picture and video collage with your favorite songs. I did do this one this year and I used VivaVideo app for iPhone. It is the most user friendly and self-explanatory app for this out there. I don't like certain features of iMovie. This one is cheap and thoughtful.

A Box of Jules

A friend of mine from high school's wife, has a company she started called A Box of Jules. She creates boxes that have fun items and little notes to go along with them for holiday's or every day life, to brighten someones day. I bought two of them to send to each of my boys. They had the cutest nick knacks and Valentine related notes with each item. Her instagram is @aboxofjules. Below is a pic of one of her boxes.

Personalized Boxers/Socks

This is gag/for reals, sexy gift. They aren't cheap ($29.99 depending on site) but I love the fact of my face, below his waist, all day. ;) I didn't feel like I had enough time this round but will definitely use them for the next holiday.

Bouquet of Roses (made out of beef jerky)

My boo's mom gave me this idea a couple of weeks ago and the three sites I found that sell these, were sold out. They go fast so you could use them for a birthday or something with less demand. I haven't checked this week so they might be restocked.

Happy LOVE making... I mean buying. :)