New Year, Same Me

Right after Christmas I start to get depressed & irritable with the New Year looming around the corner. With it comes expectations of dropping all of our bad habits and replacing them with awesome ones, as well as lots and lots of reflection. Personally, I start to think is this where I thought my life would be personally, professionally, fiscally, etc. I get sad reflecting on how fast my kids are growing up, how much money I didn't save and things I could have done better. Don't get me wrong, reflection and awareness of where we have been and where we want to go is what dreams are made of but it can put us in a funk trying to determine if we measured up.

I quickly reminded my self, when I feel shitty I am going to think of the things I am grateful for to put things into perspective. My kids are healthy and here on earth. I have friends who have lost a child or spouse and I guarantee they would love a kid who failed half his classes his first semester in college... because that would mean that their kid was here. They would love a good argument with their spouse because that would again mean, they are here to have that argument with. I have the love of my life, healthy kids, a terrific family, a job that treats me so good and I love doing, amazing friends, a house over my head and a forum where I get to speak freely about anything I want.

I am the farthest thing from Gandhi but it is simply the truth that each day we open our eyes, wake up and breathe... we should be thankful. In light of my new found positiveness ;), this year I decided I am not going to set resolutions that I will beat myself up for a year from now.

I want to set resolutions that are attainable, fun, make me a better spouse and mom and enhance who I am as a person. One year I made a resolution that I wasn't going to watch the Kardashian's that year and I did it but, I don't think it made me a better person (maybe just replenished some brain cells), I just proved to myself I could detox and have restraint. Although, I replaced it with Floribama Shore which is definitely not a step up. One day I will do a post about all the shit shows I watch. ;)

So, here is my creative (I use the term loosely) resolution list for 2019... would love to hear all of your thoughts or ideas? Maybe we can all pledge to do some kick ass resolutions and not the cliche ones... message me if you are in. :) Also, going easy on myself with timelines and dates... being vague so it is something I want to do. Watch all the goal setters tear me up :)

  • Do something that scares me

  • Befriend someone I normally wouldn't

  • Say I am sorry or I was wrong more (lord help me on this one)

  • Practice daily gratitude (find something each day to be grateful for)

  • Tell my kids specifically what I love about them in between all the other I love you's.

  • Social Detoxes- Disconnect from social media more

  • Mentor/Coach- take on someone to mentor/coach who doesn't report to me

  • Read More (vague I know, that is the point)

  • Cook More

  • Active- get moving three days a week doing anything

  • Make extra money from a side hustle (stay tuned, could be interesting)

  • Set more time aside for the things I love to do

  • Find a cool new hobby

  • DRINK WATER- this is the only cliche one but if you know me you know my body has officially learned to turn coke into water in my body because I literally can go weeks without a sip of water. Horrible!