Organization Trend

The 2019 trend is cleaning, getting rid of and organizing areas of our every day lives. From our home to our car or work space. I started hearing about a show on Netflix called "Tidying Up"which stars an expert in this area Marie Kondo and noticed every store I went in had containers, shelves, bins, etc. on all end caps like they were personally sponsoring this show. I decided to give the show a whirl. This show will ruin your life! Not really but you will definitely feel like a slob after watching it and all of a sudden your cupboards, pantry and closet will start calling your name creepily like a sixth sense.

Marie Kondo, is an organizing consultant, who has written books on organizing and tidying up. In this series she goes into several different homes to help them with cleaning up their mess which in turn helps them become happier because of the stress that these messes cause in relationships of all sorts. Think of it as a nicer version of Hoarders and by nicer I mean she is nicer but the houses are still INSANE! I try not to judge when I watch these shows as I find it really brave that these people dare to open up their lives and let others see into their dark places but, I struggle. Some of these homes give me anxiety with all the clutter and waste they have. Marie goes in with her kind demeanor and shows them steps to help them "Tidy Up". I really liked her steps as I felt they were thoughtful and broken down in a way that doesn't make you feel overwhelmed...maybe.

This last weekend I decided to take the challenge. I did skip around her steps as tackling my closet seemed impossible so I didn't start with it as she suggests. I started with my bathroom. I had three garbage bags of junk just from two cabinets and three drawers alone. Part of her method she has you touch the items and see if they bring you joy. As cheesy as this sounds it is SO true. I would pick up items, out of my laundry size basket of makeup, and think "oh I love this color" (JOY) or "what the hell was I thinking when I bought this" (NOT JOY). After two hours and three bags of junk, I felt accomplished. It really did make me feel a bit lighter.

I tackled the cupboard underneath my sink and SOME drawers in the kitchen next. I say some because the junk drawer is ridiculous and I somehow know what is in there and what isn't in an organized chaos type fashion. Minimal kitchen areas took me about an hour. I then started pumping myself up to "eye of the tiger" to start on my closet.

If you have watched this show you know the closet is madness. She tells you to pull everything out of it and lay all of it on your bed. WTF? I have a king size bed and I was convinced, there was no way it would all fit. Well it did and it looked like this...

During this exercise I realized a few things...

I like to collect hangers, bras that no longer fit, hats, clothes with the tags on them, sweat pants with holes in the crotch and enough sweatshirts to fit an entire country.

I had self-help books, a fire extinguisher, Halloween costumes, baby bibs (my youngest is 13) and a plethora of band-aids in my closet.

I had clothes I had not worn in years and I clean my closet out at least twice a year. When I held it and thought about whether it brought me joy or not, it was pretty easy to let some things go. Cheese ball is what I am.


I ended up with four garbage bags of clothes for the goodwill and one garbage back full of junk/throw away. I had about 175 hangers now available for use. I felt like I had gone shopping because there were shoes I had forgotten about because I couldn't see them.


I do feel a lot lighter and cleaner. I can see my clothes and actually wear them now instead of the same five outfits. I was embarrassed for a moment when I looked at the pile so I recommend doing this alone. LOL. I am also embarrassed with all the money I have spent on clothes over the years and really if I had a few good staple pieces, I would be a lot less stressed getting ready every day (joke, I only get ready like 3-4 days a week) but you get the idea.

I am going to do my home office/catch-all room next which scares me because of all the papers, books, crafts and memorabilia I have, I will keep you posted but I challenge the rest of you to try it... do something, start small and then let me know how it goes. Good luck!!!