The Alluring Capitol of the World

Updated: Dec 29, 2018

Our country seems so divided right now with all the right vs. left rhetoric. What we need to remember, especially on this Veterans Day, is that men and women have fought hard and sacrificed much so that we are able to have a difference of opinion and not be persecuted for it. Those who know me, know that I sit on the left side of this debate (although I am very situational in my politics and I am obsessed with the Bush family and love them) but, visiting D.C. for my first time this year made me not care what side I was on, just proud that I was a part of all the rich history and proud to be an American.

Washington, D.C., our capital is unofficially called by many names including ‘The City of Magnificent Intentions’, ‘The American Rome’, and ‘The Capital of the World’. An experience of this city leaves an impression that proves why one city may be known in so many ways! With over 20 Million tourists each year, Washington, D.C. is one of the most visited cities in the world and second on my list of favorites for the US (sorry Lincoln I just really heart NYC).

The food is definitely an experience of its own. Anywhere you eat is amazing but one of the must visit restaurants in downtown D.C., that our friends took us to, is Zaytinya. The food is all tapas which seems to be the buzz word in any city right now. The Chef is Jose Andres who is "the" person that brought the small plate concept to the US. You need reservations. Drinks are phenomenal and make sure to dress up a bit from jeans. Another great place, is Guajillo (Mexican Restaurant) in Georgetown, killer margaritas and Mexican food. Reasonable prices, atmosphere is upbeat and the area has some amazing shopping up and down both sides of the street.

The night life is for sure poppin in D.C. We went to some fun hookah bars (that are on every corner) and if you are into whiskey and cigars, there is an awesome place called Jack Rose that features a menu of different cigars as well as various types of whiskey, from affordable to hundreds of dollars/thousands for an ounce.

This was my first time in D.C., I had three days and was determined to get to everything and I pretty much did.  All the attractions are in such a short vicinity, with walking and a couple Uber rides, you can see it all.

The Washington Monument

What proper way to say that you’ve been to Washington than to talk about a visit to the Washington monument! This monument is in commemoration of George Washington, the first president of the United States of America.

The White House

The residence of the president of the USA is as grand in looks as it sounds. Not much can be said about it as it is one of the most known locations on the globe. However, a personal experience is definitely mind-blowing! I sat there and pictured all the President's that had lived there, it was surreal.

Lincoln Memorial

I had pictured what I thought this would look like in real life having seen it on movies, etc. It  is ginormous and so detailed. I got teary eyed being in the monument a little because it was so overwhelming. If I worked in D.C. I think I would eat my lunch on those stairs every day.

The Ford Theater

This is the location at which President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. Together with the Petersen House just across the road, this location has been a National Historic Site since 1932. The Petersen House is the house in which Lincoln died after being rushed out of the theater by doctors and soldiers.

The Pentagon

Located in Arlington just slightly off of Washington, the Pentagon is worth a mention because of its significance. It is the headquarters of the Department of Defense and is the largest office building in the world! They had high lock down so I wasn't able to get too close.

Arlington Cemetery

This is the military cemetery that is massive and like nothing I have seen before. You can spend an entire day here and still leave wanting more. It is known for where Kennedy is buried (the eternal flame), The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, which was my favorite part and watching the changing of the guard.

The Capitol

If you are into politics or history at all, this whole area, which is within walking distance from the Lincoln and Washington Monuments, is something that has to be on your itinerary. To see the building where legislation is made, where all of our state representatives are housed and where everything culminates from in the US, again blew my mind.

Smithsonian Institutions

The Air & Space Museum

Kids love this one. You probably won't get them out of there. From Amelia Earhart to Space... this covers anything aviation related and has plenty of activities in each of the different areas for the entire family to enjoy themselves.

Natural History Museum

Every major city has a natural history museum and they are always my favorite. You get some of the same stuff in each but then they have the items/artifacts that are particular to that area. The coolest thing in this one, was the Hope Diamond.

National Museum of African American History & Culture

There are two museums that are a must do, no matter what... the African American History Museum and the Holocaust Memorial Museum. I had a cab driver that told me to do them towards the end of the trip because they are amazing and something that everyone should experience but they make you very somber. I am so glad I listened to him because both hit you right in the face and you can't help but let it resonate.

World War II Memorial

Other Pics (You have to see everything twice; at night and in the day)