Tipping has gotten to be OUT OF CONTROL! My entire life I have gone with the social norm and expected to pay servers at places I dine, coffee baristas, and certain service type professions a tip on top of what I am already paying and I did it without asking questions. Not once did I stop and think to myself "why the hell doesn't the food chain pay them more so we don't have to tip" or "why don't they charge what they expect instead of a rate that they expect something on top of that"? Well now I am asking the questions because all this tipping is bull shit.

Just the other day I walked into a gas station to get some snacks that I picked off the shelves myself and took to the counter to get rung up... and sitting there is a tip jar. So now Maverick (our local gas station chain) wants me to tip the guy ringing up the register. Ugh, NO! I am not tipping you for doing your job. No one tips me for doing mine and frankly I find it insulting that you even have a half assed written sign on a jar asking for it. I have seen the same things at fast food restaurants. You are probably 16 years old, making minimum wage, as a 16 year old should, and now you want me to tip you? Here is a tip... do your job well because you take pride in working hard not because you think there is even more added benefit in it if you do.

I haven't had problems in my life tipping restaurant servers because they make $2.15 an hour. I do have a problem that these places get away with paying them such a small amount that we have to make up for, but I cannot single handedly change the serving business so I pay it. Now some kid makes me a snow cone and wants a tip...? WTH are we doing to these generations besides making them entitled? I also understand why I tip my barista because I am not just ordering a simple coffee… I am asking for a soy, hazelnut latte with sugar free hazelnut, extra foam and a unicorn when I order so again, that makes sense to me.

I did some research and found out that tipping actually started in Europe (1600's) as a way to "ensure promptitude" and as an allowance the upper class would allow the socially inferior... don't even get me started on the racist history of it all once it caught on in America. The "ensure promptitude" resonates with me... there are times we have to pay to get something quicker, since we procrastinated, or pay for convenience because time is a hot commodity and something we never have enough of... so we pay! For example, I work full-time, most the time an extra side gig here and there, rear children and keep up on the house so I have become an avid user of grocery shopping online, picking a time and then pulling up and they bring me my groceries. They do this for a fee of $4.99. They also do not let me tip them. They have figured out what offering this convenience to their customers is worth to them and put a price on it. Genius, right? I also can expect the same level of service no matter who is working.

Now for the service industry... again this is something I pay for but have thought to myself, why? If I get a massage that I am already paying $90 for... why is it expected that I tip on top of that? Why don't you pay your people what they are worth and include it in whatever price you are asking for? I have lots of friends in the hair business and same goes for them... ask for an amount that covers your time & product and if you are bad ass then your prices reflect that just like my job prices do. I went to college for my skillset... I have years of experience and a proven track record therefore, my salary reflects that. I don't ask for a lesser amount and expect tips on top of that. I was a cart girl in college at a golf course and I have bar tended some this last year for a friend, so I know how easy one can fall into a behavior where you expect it, but it definitely doesn't make it right.

Business owners need to pay people what they are worth and think about how offensive it is for your employees to turn an iPad screen around in my face, with a question to ask about tipping, before I sign my credit card receipt... for ringing up my purchase at a clothes store. Completely asinine! How would they feel if I just rang myself up in my head and left what I thought was appropriate for my total on the counter? I also think that service professionals need to reflect what they expect in their prices. Tipping is awkward for all parties involved... I even heard that someone recently ate at a restaurant that had the suggested amounts on the bill for tipping (which most places do these days) but instead of saying 15%, 18% and 20% it said Fair, Good and Excellent. When they did the math on the amount it was actually 20%, 22% and 25%! Whoa! Whole other side topic on this topic but charge what you expect instead of paying your people shit wages and expecting us to pick up the rest.